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Radio Remotes


Industrial radio remotes

The easiest way to control lifting equipment is with a radio remote.
We offer TELECRANE products that have an excellent price-quality balance and have the following advantages:


  • special shock protection
  • Supply-voltage installation can vary in the range of CA from 24-48-110-220-380 V, and in C.C. 12 or 24 V
  • Operating distance of up to 100 m, extendable by additional antenna;
  • Delivery of two transmitters (upon request)
  • Electric-class housing of protection: IP 65;
  • Temperature range: -35 degrees to 80 degrees C;
  • Buttons for two-speed control;
  • Emergency-stop button;
  • Start with detachable key;
  • LongLife-rechargeable alkaline batteries;
  • Auto-correction of transmission errors;
  • Microsoft Windows software easy to customize;
  • Certificate of testing of each product;
  • ISO Certification.

Please contact us and we will offer free product assembly.





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